Changing tomorrow today

The Objective of the programme

The programme's primary objective is to assist people realise and release the potential hidden within them through exposure, interaction and presentations by successful leaders and business people, roundtable discussions, equipping through training, coaching and mentoring.

The programme is intending to achieve its objectives through focussing on the following main points:

To empower mentees on financial skills On topics such as financial freedom, how to live a debt free life, investments, savings, the difference between wealthy and riches.

To empower mentees on career development, how to make it to the top in the corporate world through bringing various top managers from different companies to interact, couch and discuss their success career stories, As well as assist mentees at matric level with their career choices and information on bursary applications and requirements.


To encourage mentees to participate in spiritual activities and partner with the church, and positively participate in the things of God, and recognise him as the source of life that he is and acknowledge that as the manufacturer of our lives he has a purpose for everyone's life and mentees need to identify this purpose which will change not only their lives but the whole nation. We believe this to act as a solution to our current many society problems, such as crime, drugs, abuse, and divorce rate etc.