Changing tomorrow today


FutureLead Mentorship Programme is in need of funds to carry out all its programs, we have the vision and passion, we want to change the lives of nations but lack of funds may put a stop to this great nations building initiative.

FutureLead Mentorship Programme therefore, rely on government, public and private organisations and individuals donations for its programs to become a success. FutureLead hereby request donation of any amount that may assist carry out its programs as intended, we therefore would like to make it known to all those that are interested in donating any amount towards the success of the programme that by so doing you will be participating in changing the lives of our nation. And we would like to thank you in advance as you intending to donate to the programme.

Partnership with FutureLead

FutureLead Mentorship Programme is looking for professionals, business people and leaders who are successful in their areas of expertise to partner with. When professionals, business people and leaders partner with FutureLead they indicating that they believe in the programme and can be referred to as mentors to the Programme and will whenever they are available give their time and share their knowledge and experience to the success of the programme.

If you are a professional, business person or leader who believes in this programme we would like you to know that we would appreciate it if you could partner with us and change the lives of a lot of people who need our help.